Here at Northern Barber Company we love our coffee. We also love a bit of history, a lot of nostalgia and a giant dollop of tradition. So from this, is born our partnership with Atkinson’s coffee.

From the start of the Industrial Revolution in 1837, the spinning fly wheels of the coffee roasters at Atkinson’s have been turning with the sole intention of bringing quality beans to the people of North Lancashire.

The coffee is small batch roasted on the sturdy 1945 Uno, allowing the treasures of the past to sit alongside the technology of today, in a heady brew of heritage and innovation. The larger roasters, 1930’s Whitmees are called into service daily, to create a unique flame roasted coffee that has garnered many recent awards.

Northern Barber Company and Atkinson’s are delighted to move forward as a partnership, as our joint ethos of uncompromising levels of attention to detail, mixed with a passion of heritage and tradition go hand in hand.

Atkinson’s coffee is available to purchase in store, as well as being served to compliment your treatment with us.