Your personality and character should shine through in your choice of cologne. The most common mistake made, is to douse yourself and overwhelm your audience.

How much?

Three sprays per application. Whilst you get used to your own scent, the common mistake made is that you overcompensate and in turn overwhelm.

Where to spray?

Top three – neck, crease of your arm and wrist. The trick is that the fragrance benefits from the body’s natural heat and will help to disperse the scent. This subtle scent will also be appreciated when offering a handshake, a key in the Northern Man’s armoury.

One tip – don’t rub your wrists together, it disrupts the molecules of the fragrance.

The unique properties of Murdock London Cologne

Having carefully sourced natural, raw ingredients to create their collection of British colognes, each unique scent provides an adventurous foundation for your skin, reflecting the character of the modern gentleman, his taste, style, travels and cultural pursuits. Each fragrance triggers and attracts the senses and can be layered together, making the transition from morning to evening, seamless.

Murdock Colognes are available exclusively in Northern Barber Company’s flagship store at Glovers Court, Preston.